Client- Atlas Integrated Security

Facilities Managers, you can both increase productivity and reduce your headaches by 600% …by just making one simple decision!


Dear Manager:

One day it is smooth sailing and the next day, the door hinges need replacement, the alarm system is going haywire and the cameras are not working.

Then what?

Well you can make six calls and coordinate with six different companies and six different technicians on different schedules with different personalities and work styles?

Or you can call Atlas Integrated Security.

Atlas Integrated Security has over 20 years of servicing the Las Vegas community, and is a member of the American Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers and has earned top rated ranking for Home Advisor.

They are an established security firm that has simplified the process.

What process is this you might be thinking?

Their technicians can repair and service all your security needs.

That’s right-Anything from a jammed door to IT services, Atlas has you covered.

They have even created a way to download cameras from the cloud to multiple computers as another safeguard for retrieving important data if there is a power outage or some other technical difficulty.

So, if you ever need to retrieve data from last week or last year, you can count on it and the retrieval time will take only minutes when before you are taking about days.

Imagine if there really was a security breach and law enforcement needed you to retrieve the data on the cloud, but the system was unreliable or there were no added backups!

Thanks to Atlas Integrated Security, that nightmare will never come true because they have implemented that efficient system.   Atlas Integrated Security technicians are professionally trained for everything from locksmith services to IT services.

So instead of having to coordinate with six other technicians, you only must coordinate with one. As a result, you will have more time and energy to address other needs and you will be ahead of schedule.

With less calls to make and less personalities and drama, you will have less headache and that means better health, better mood, and better attitude-which means happier employees and customers.

And all you have to do is make one phone call-to Atlas Integrated Security!

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James Pesutich